What You Should Know About Feline Leukemia and FeLV Screening

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Feline leukemia (FeLV) frequently comes up when talking about cancer in pets because most people do not realize that feline leukemia is not actually cancer. In people, leukemia is a type of cancer of the bone marrow and blood. FeLV is a contagious virus that affects cats.

Get in Control of Your Pet’s Health on National Pet Obesity Day

Yes, it’s true that pets come in all shapes and sizes. Pets, however, can weigh too much. In fact, depending on the breed, just a couple of pounds can mean the difference between having a pet at a healthy weight and an overweight pet. Being overweight or obese is not good for pets. It can lead to all sorts of secondary health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory issues, and arthritis.

5 Facts to Know About Your Pets and Their Vaccinations

We recommend vaccinations for all pets. Not only are some vaccines required by law, but they also help protect your pets, your human family members, and your community. Vaccines prevent the spread of dangerous and contagious diseases, many of which are zoonotic, life-threatening, and have no cure.

Celebrating National Cat Day With Your Favorite Feline

August 8th is National Cat Day in Canada and around the world. This special day of the year is set aside simply for the sake of celebrating cats and humanity’s special, unique relationship with the species. Call Sage Creek Animal Hospital today to book your Kitten’s first set of vaccinations!

The Importance Of Tick Prevention In The Spring

Dogs and cats are more prone to contracting ticks and fleas in the warmer months of the year as this is when they are the most prevalent outdoors. Spring is in the air and it is time to make an appointment at Sage Creek Animal Hospital in Winnipeg to meet with our veterinarians to discuss flea.

Emergency Veterinary Services

If you’ve ever had a pet bleeding profusely or choking, then you know how critical emergency veterinary services are for the health of your pet. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, we provide exceptional urgent pet care to save your pet’s life. We are a reputable and passionate pet clinic serving St. Vital, Sage Creek, and the surrounding areas.

When Your Pet Should Visit An Animal Hospital

Has your pet been acting weird or out of character? You pet acting out of the ordinary is his way of telling you that something is wrong. Any time your pet is acting strange or showing signs of pain, you should make an appointment at your local veterinarian.

Critical Care

Pets are great but they can become ill or injured easily. When your pet is injured or sick it is essential to make sure you are finding the proper care for them. For those in the Winnipeg, Sage Creek, or St. Vital areas, Sage Creek Animal Hospital offers reliable emergency care when your pet needs it most.

Pet Dental For Pet Wellness

To ensure overall wellness for your furry friend, take your pet into your local Winnipeg veterinary clinic for an annual checkup. While there, one of our veterinarians will also check on your pet’s teeth. Pet dental problems may cause or be caused by other underlying health problems. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, serving St. Vital, we know that your pet’s health and wellness is important, for you and us as well.