Behavioural Counseling

Behavioural Counseling

Whether your dog is experiencing separation anxiety or your cat has suddenly started having accidents outside of the litter box, behavioural problems can cause real distress for both the human and animal members of your household.
However, neither you nor your pet has to live with these unwanted behaviours and negative interactions. With the appropriate intervention, our veterinarians at Sage Creek Animal Hospital can help you get to the bottom of your pet’s unwanted behaviours and help your entire household live together peacefully.

How a Behavioural Consultation Can Benefit You and Your Pet

During a behavioural consultation, our veterinarians will talk with you about your pet’s behaviour to determine whether it’s a new behaviour or an old habit that needs correcting. We’ll thoroughly examine your cat or dog to assess their health first and rule out underlying health concerns that could be causing the behaviour issue. We’ll then work with you to address and correct the problem.

Common Behaviour Problems in Dogs and Cats

Our veterinarians can help you address the following behaviour problems in your pet:
We use a variety of strategies including positive reinforcement training, dietary supplements, lifestyle changes, environment adjustments, and medications to help our clients resolve their pets’ behaviour problems in a positive manner.

Why You Should First Consult a Veterinarian About Behaviour Issues

Behaviour problems, especially those that arise suddenly, can actually be an indication of an underlying health problem. Since pets have no way to tell us when they are feeling ill, changes in their behaviours are often one of the first indications of illness.
If you notice any changes to your pet’s normal routine, disposition, or new unwanted behaviours, it’s important to have your cat or dog evaluated by a veterinarian right away to rule out any more serious health concerns.

Schedule a Behaviour Consultation With a Veterinarian in Winnipeg

To learn more about behaviour consultations or to schedule an appointment for your cat or dog, we welcome you to contact Sage Creek Animal Hospital today.