No one plans for their pet to go missing, but accidents can happen and pets can sometimes even be stolen out of their front yards. If your cat or dog becomes lost, you’ll want them to have a permanent form of identification – rather than relying solely on their collar and ID tags that can easily break loose rendering your pet unidentifiable. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, our veterinarians strongly recommend microchipping all pets.

What Is a Pet Microchip?

A microchip is a form of permanent identification for pets. A pet microchip is comprised of an RFID chip housed in a biocompatible capsule that’s about the same size as a grain of rice.

How Do Pet Microchips Work?

Pet microchips contain a unique identifying number. When a pet with a microchip is lost and turned into a veterinarian or animal shelter, a representative will scan the cat or dog for a microchip, using a special RFID scanning device.
Upon reading the number, the shelter or animal hospital representative will then look up the pet’s ID number in a database where the number is associated with the pet’s information and its owner’s contact details.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Microchip Appointment

Microchips are placed between a cat’s or dog’s shoulders, and they are inserted using a specially designed hypodermic needle. The microchipping process is actually quite simple. There’s no need for surgical incisions or anesthesia, and pets only experience a small pinching sensation like they would when receiving a vaccination. 

After placing your pet’s microchip, we will then provide you with instructions for registering your pet’s microchip number along with your contact information in a pet microchip database. It’s essential that you follow this final step in the microchipping process and keep your contact information up to date anytime you move or change your phone number. Without your contact information, your pet’s microchip won’t be of any use.

Protect Your Pet With a Microchip From Our Winnipeg Veterinarian

For peace of mind and to increase the chances that you are reunited with a lost pet, our veterinarians at Sage Creek Animal Hospital strongly encourage our clients to have their pets microchipped. This simple procedure will provide you with an added layer of permanent identification and proof of ownership in the event your pet is lost or stolen

To schedule a pet microchip appointment, we welcome you to contact our Winnipeg veterinary office today.