Pet Parasite Prevention

Pet Parasite Prevention at Sage Creek Animal Hospital

Parasite prevention is a crucial aspect of maintaining your pet’s health and well-being. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, we offer comprehensive parasite prevention services to protect your furry friends from the harmful effects of parasites. Our goal is to ensure your pet remains healthy, happy, and parasite-free.

What is Parasite Prevention?

Parasite prevention involves a series of measures and treatments designed to protect your pet from common parasites such as fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms. These parasites can cause a range of health issues, from mild discomfort to severe, life-threatening conditions. Preventive care includes medications, regular screenings, and lifestyle adjustments to minimize your pet’s risk of infestation.

Who Needs Parasite Prevention and How Often?

All pets, regardless of age or lifestyle, need parasite prevention. The frequency of preventive treatments depends on various factors, including the type of parasite and your pet’s specific needs. Generally:

The Importance of Parasite Prevention

Parasites can have a significant impact on your pet’s health. Preventive care is essential because:

Prevents Disease: Many parasites carry diseases that can be transmitted to your pet, leading to serious health problems.

Reduces Discomfort: Parasites like fleas and ticks cause itching, skin irritation, and discomfort for your pet.

Protects Against Serious Conditions: Heartworms and certain types of intestinal worms can cause severe damage to your pet’s internal organs and may be fatal if left untreated.

Prevents Transmission to Humans: Some parasites, such as roundworms and hookworms, can be transmitted to humans, posing a health risk to your family.

Risks of Not Getting Your Pet Prevented

Failing to provide your pet with adequate parasite prevention can lead to several risks, including:
  • Health Complications: Untreated parasitic infections can result in severe health issues, including anemia, organ damage, and even death.
  • Increased Veterinary Costs: Treating advanced parasitic infections is often more costly than preventive care.

Risk to Human Health: Certain parasites can be transmitted to humans, particularly children, who may have close contact with infected pets.

Types of Parasite Prevention Offered at Sage Creek Animal Hospital

We provide a variety of parasite prevention services to suit the specific needs of your pet, including:

  1. Flea and Tick Prevention: We offer oral medications and topical treatments to protect your pet from fleas and ticks.
  2. Heartworm Prevention:Our heartworm prevention is monthly oral medications to keep your pet safe from this dangerous parasite.
  3. Intestinal Worm Prevention: We provide deworming treatments and preventive medications to protect your pet from roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.
  4. Routine Screenings: Regular fecal exams and blood tests to detect the presence of parasites and ensure early intervention.

Book an Appointment for Parasite Prevention Today at Sage Creek Animal Hospital

At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, we are committed to safeguarding your pet’s health through effective parasite prevention. Our experienced team will work with you to develop a customized prevention plan that suits your pet’s needs and lifestyle.


Don’t wait until it’s too late—protect your pet from the dangers of parasites. If you’re a pet parent in Winnipeg, contact us today to schedule an appointment for your pet’s parasite prevention needs. Let’s work together to keep your furry friends healthy, happy, and parasite-free.