In-House Laboratory

In-House Laboratory

Our pets, unfortunately, have no way to tell us when they are not feeling well and no way to describe how they’re feeling. Additionally, many health problems that affect dogs and cats have very similar symptoms. As a result, diagnosing the underlying cause of a sick pet’s symptoms often comes down to science and the information gleaned through diagnostic laboratory tests.
To ensure our patients receive fast, accurate diagnostic results and safe, effective treatment, Sage Creek Animal Hospital is fully equipped with an in-house lab.

In-House Diagnostic Laboratory Services

Our in-house laboratory and microscope provide us with the following diagnostic testing capabilities:

Blood Testing and Urinalysis

Our in-house is fully equipped to perform comprehensive fluid sample testing, including:
These tests help us evaluate the overall function of your pet’s entire body and organs. These tests enable us to assess the endocrine system, thyroid and kidney function, and liver health in addition to identifying acute illness, chronic disease, the presence of infection, and more.

Heartworm Screening

Inspects cats’ and dogs’ blood samples for the presence of heartworm parasites to ensure the safe administration of heartworm preventative medications.

Feline Leukemia (FeLV) Testing

We also perform feline leukemia tests in-house to determine whether a cat has this highly common and prevalent disease. Depending on our patient’s results, we will recommend a course of treatment or possibly vaccination depending on your cat’s exposure risk.


We perform microscopic examinations in-house for quick results back on fecal testing for parasites and cytology testing which helps us to diagnose a variety of health concerns.

Complex Test Results From Our Local Reference Laboratory

For more complicated and extensive testing, we use a local Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the University of Manitoba or the IDEXX reference laboratory in Ontario. Our animal hospital has a close working relationship with these labs, which means we receive accurate test results back very quickly, ensuring our patients can receive safe and effective treatment as soon as possible.

Thorough Health Screening and Sick Pet Visits With Our Winnipeg Animal Hospital's In-House Lab

Whether we’re performing a simple health screening, parasite test, or diagnosing your sick pet, our in-house laboratory offers fast test results and quick treatment. As a result, pets often receive their results and/or diagnosis on the same day they visit the veterinarian.
To learn more about our diagnostic capabilities at Sage Creek Animal Hospital or to find out about your pet’s test results, we welcome you to contact our office today.