Wellness Care

Wellness Care

Wellness and preventative care are cornerstones of every pet’s ongoing good health and happiness. Wellness appointments not only allow our veterinarians to prevent your pet from contracting certain diseases, but it also allows us to detect early signs of chronic illness before it has the opportunity to progress and irreversibly damage your pet’s health.

What to Expect During a Wellness Appointment at Sage Creek Animal Hospital

Physical Examination and Health Screening

Your pet’s wellness exams provide us with an opportunity to establish a baseline of your pet’s health with regular physical examinations. This enables our veterinarians to more easily recognize when your pet’s health undergoes changes that affect their weight, appearance, or other features.

Wellness appointments begin with weighing your pet, measuring your pet’s vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, mucous membrane color, capillary refill time, and temperature), and a whiskers-to-tail examination. We’ll take note of your pet’s appearance and the health of their skin, coat, eyes, ears, teeth, paws, and other parts.

Depending on your pet’s condition, we might also recommend additional health screening or diagnostic testing to rule out any underlying conditions.

Vaccines and Parasite Prevention

We’ll ensure your pet is current with all core vaccinations and discuss any non-core vaccines that we recommend for your pet based on lifestyle and exposure risk. Additionally, we’ll help you select the proper parasite preventative to protect your pet against Winnipeg’s fleas, ticks, and heartworm-carrying mosquitos.

Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Advice

Wellness exams also provide pet owners with the opportunity to discuss their pet’s nutritional needs and other at-home care such as lifestyle and environmental adjustments.

Personalized Wellness Care Tailored to Your Pet's Individual Needs

Veterinary care is not a one-size-fits-all field; every pet has different healthcare requirements. Our veterinarians base each pet’s care on the pet’s species, breed, age, and medical history.
We offer wellness appointments designed specifically to help pets of all ages achieve an optimal level of wellness. This includes wellness exams for puppies, kittens, adult pets, and senior dogs and cats.

Schedule Your Pet's Next Wellness and Preventative Care Appointment in Winnipeg

Healthy adult cats and dogs should have at least one wellness exam annually. Puppies, kittens, senior pets, and pets living with chronic health conditions typically visit the veterinarian more frequently. We will work with you to determine an appropriate schedule of wellness exams for your pet.
To schedule your pet’s next wellness exam, we welcome you to contact Sage Creek Animal Hospital.