Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology

When a pet is sick or injured, our veterinarians must first determine the underlying cause of illness or the extent of the pet’s injury before administering treatment. Diagnosis typically begins with a physical examination, but often requires further testing such as lab tests or diagnostic imaging.
Our veterinarians at Sage Creek Animal Hospital are proud to provide digital radiology to patients as an integral part of our state-of-the-art, in-house veterinary diagnostics.

What Is Radiology?

Radiology is a branch of diagnostics that relies on imaging to diagnose medical problems in pets and people. Radiographs, also called x-rays, are images of a patient’s internal structures (bones, soft tissues, and organs).

How Our Veterinarians Use X-Rays

We use x-rays to diagnose myriad health conditions in cats and dogs. Some of the medical problems which x-rays can help identify include:
If your pet has symptoms of illness or has been injured, our veterinarians might recommend a set of digital x-rays to aid with the accurate diagnosis of your pet to ensure safe and effective treatment.

When Should a Pet Have X-Rays Taken?

Our veterinarians recommend x-rays when a physical examination and laboratory testing do not provide adequate information for the accurate diagnosis of a pet’s condition. We might take x-rays when a pet has a known injury or symptoms that indicate an internal problem.
Dental x-rays are also usually taken during pet dental appointments — especially when a pet has symptoms or outward signs which suggest that a problem might be occurring inside a tooth or below the gum line.
Additionally, x-rays might be recommended to screen a pet who has a genetic predisposition to developing a musculoskeletal problem such as hip dysplasia.

Faster Results and Safer Diagnostics With Digital Radiology for Pets

Our Winnipeg animal hospital is proud to provide our patients with the latest in diagnostic technology. Digital x-rays produce high-quality images with only a fraction of the exposure time needed for traditional film x-rays. They’re also instantly available for viewing. As a result, our patients are exposed to less radiation, do not always require sedation for x-ray appointments, and patients also benefit from immediate diagnosis and prompt treatment.
To learn more about digital radiology services for dogs and cats, we welcome you to contact Sage Creek Animal Hospital.