We love our pets. So naturally, facing the end of their lives is one of the most difficult moments any pet parent will face. End of life care and euthanasia provide pets with dignity, peace, and comfort during the final moments of their lives.

End of Life Care for Pets

When a pet receives a terminal diagnosis or an incurable injury, our veterinarians’ focus shifts from curative treatments to palliative care. This means that instead of focusing on curing a terminally ill pet, we do our best to provide treatments designed to support your pet’s comfort and function during their final months, weeks, or days.
Palliative care is designed to maintain a pet’s quality of life as long as possible. It includes closely monitoring your pet’s condition (temperature, oxygen level, appetite, and comfort) for changes while providing treatments designed to alleviate pain.

Knowing When Euthanasia Is the Right Choice for Your Pet

When a pet nears their final moments, their condition can sometimes shift rapidly. Euthanasia is usually recommended for terminally ill or injured pets whose pain can no longer be alleviated enough to maintain their quality of life. Signs that the time for euthanasia has arrived include:
We understand that facing the end of a pet’s life is no simple task for any family, and our veterinarians will be with you to provide support and guidance throughout the process.

A Peaceful Passing for Pets

Euthanasia comes from the Greek words that mean good death, and it provides a peaceful, painless alternative to natural death for pets who would otherwise suffer significantly. Euthanasia appointments take place in a quiet, calm setting and family members are always welcome to stay with their pets throughout the process.

Sage Creek Animal Hospital's Commitment to Superior Care From Beginning to End

As we care for our patients throughout their lives, every pet we treat becomes like family to us, too. We care for our patients and always strive to provide our clients with the best support throughout their pets’ end of life process.
To learn more about end of life care and euthanasia for pets, we welcome you to contact our office. We want to remind you that our veterinarians will be with you every step of the way and available to help you assess your pet’s condition while answering any questions you might have.