Caring for Your Pet During Winter – Seasonal Pet Concerns

Caring for Your Pet During Winter – Seasonal Pet Concerns

Winter is upon us, and that means colder, wetter weather that can have an effect on your pet’s health and the care they need to stay healthy and happen through the season. Consider the following tips to help keep your pet healthy this winter.

6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy This Winter

1. Shelter

It’s best to keep your animals inside away from cold weather. If they are outside, be sure your pet has access to warm, dry shelter from wind and precipitation. Additionally, they need access to fresh, unfrozen water at all times.

2. Nutritional Adjustments

Some pets are less active during winter. Others burn more calories while staying warm outside. Talk with our veterinarian about whether your pet requires any nutritional adjustments to maintain a healthy weight during winter.

3. Paw Care

The cold air, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on a pet’s paws. Apply pet-safe balms to keep their paw pads hydrated and supple. Consider booties or dog socks to protect paws on walks. Additionally, be sure to wash and dry your pet’s paws when coming inside. This will remove salt and other de-icing chemicals from their paws to protect them from poisoning.

4. Winter Wear

Certain breeds get cold more easily than others, and these dogs might benefit from sweaters or jackets to help them stay warm and dry outdoors. For safety, never leave a pet unattended while wearing clothes.

5. Indoor Activities

If your pet is stuck indoors a lot more often during winter, be sure to keep them active with indoor play and enrichment activities such as hide and seek, tug-o-war, snuffle mats, and puzzle games.

6. Leash Safety

In the winter, dogs should never be let off of their leashes while they’re outdoors. They are at an increased risk of getting hit by vehicles that cannot slow down as quickly and are also at risk of falling through ice over bodies of water.

Start the New Year on the Right Paw With Our Winnipeg Veterinarians

At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, we provide personalized care designed to optimize the health of our patients. We recommend that healthy adult dogs and cats visit the veterinarian at least once a year for a wellness and preventative care appointment, while senior pets, kittens, and puppies visit more frequently for wellness, preventative care, and routine health screenings.
To learn more about keeping your pet healthy this winter or to schedule an appointment, we welcome you to contact our veterinary hospital in Winnipeg today.