Tick Awareness And Prevention In Winnipeg

Tick Awareness And Prevention In Winnipeg

Ticks can cause serious health problems for pets, especially for those that spend time outside. These small pests can spread diseases to pets through their bites, so it’s important to make sure your pets are protected. Our veterinarian at Sage Creek Animal Hospital in Winnipeg provides the following advice on tick awareness and prevention.

Dangers Of Tick Bites

Ticks feed on blood, which causes them to bite or latch onto pets. This feeding behavior makes it possible for these pests to spread Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses to dogs and cats. Some of these illnesses, such as Lyme disease, can cause severe health problems that get worse over time. Since some of these illnesses can be hard to detect in the early stages, it’s important to know how to check for ticks and tick bites on your pets during tick season.

Checking For Ticks

Ticks are small pests that typically have a brownish coloring. They usually have a flatter shape before feeding and a rounder shape after feeding. When you’re outdoors with your pets, you should inspect their bodies for these pests from time to time. Keep in mind that this can be more difficult on certain pets, such as pets with thicker fur. You should check exposed areas, such as on their ears, face, and belly and between their toes. If you find ticks, gently remove them with tweezers, but avoid squeezing the head. You should also check indoor pets since outdoor pets might bring ticks into your home.

Tick Prevention

You can look into tick prevention products to reduce your pets’ risk of being bitten by ticks. Our vet can provide you with information on different products, such as monthly tablets taken orally. These products help keep your pets safe from tick-borne diseases during Spring, Summer, and Autumn when ticks tend to be active.

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