Strange Behavior Can Be a Sign of Pet Allergies

Strange Behavior Can Be A Sign Of Skin Or Pet Food Allergies

At Sage Creek Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, serving St. Vital, Sage Creek, and surrounding areas, our veterinarians have seen plenty of odd behavior in animals, but some of the strangest acts were just the result of pet allergies. For example, does your pet have strange habits like rubbing against furniture excessively until it has bald spots, frequent coughing or sneezing, or even vomiting and diarrhea that don’t seem to be explainable? Does your animal have an itchy tail or ears, swollen paws, or inflamed skin? All these can be signs of pet food allergies, skin allergies, or other allergic reactions.

Causes of Pet Allergies

There are a few causes of pet allergies. Skin allergies and pet food allergies are the two most common types of allergies to affect an animal. Skin allergies include flea allergy dermatitis and environmental allergens, which means pets can react to substances like fleas, dust, mold, or pollen. For food allergies, pets can be sensitive to milk, soy, beef, eggs, chicken, wheat, or corn.
In addition to these allergies, pets can have an allergic reaction to cleaning products, cigarette smoke, perfumes, fabrics, and plastic materials.

We Have Allergy Treatments for Your Pet

We’re here to help when your animal has skin allergies, pet food allergies, or other reactions. We’ll diagnose your pet’s allergies and do a comprehensive examination to look for any conditions that are making your animal’s allergies worse. From there, we will go over the results with you and come up with a plan to eliminate the allergen from your pet’s environment and prescribe treatments to reduce the allergy symptoms.

When Your Pet Seems Troubled, Come Visit Our Animal Hospital

We are your comprehensive veterinary care center in Winnipeg, serving St. Vital, Sage Creek, and surrounding areas. Our veterinarians at Sage Creek Animal Hospital have seen strange behaviors caused by allergies, but we’re trained and experienced in diagnosing them and making sure that they are not something more serious. We’d love to see you and your pet. Call our animal hospital at 204-255-1150 to book an appointment.