Should I Have My Pet Spayed or Neutered?

Whether you have recently adopted a puppy or kitten or have an adult pet with a reproductive system that is still intact, we encourage you to seriously consider electing spay or neuter surgery. These surgical procedures offer many benefits to pets and to the greater community.

5 Reasons Why We Recommend Spaying and Neutering Your Pets


1. Eliminate or Lower the Risk of Reproductive Cancers

Spay surgery removes a female pet’s ovaries and uterus while neuter surgery removes a male pet’s testicles. As a result, the risk of a sterilized pet developing cancers of these organs is entirely eliminated. Additionally, other cancers associated with a pet’s reproductive system are also reduced.

2. Lower the Risk of Contracting Contagious Disease

Sterilized pets come into contact with fewer animals throughout their lives. As a result, they are much less likely to contract a contagious disease from another dog or cat.

3. Prevent Unwanted Behaviors

Spaying and neutering also help to eliminate certain undesirable behaviours in pets that are directly related to a dog’s or cat’s reproductive instincts. These behaviours include territorial aggression, territory marking, wandering, and yowling or howling during heat cycles.

4. Prevent Unplanned Litters and Help Homeless Pets Get Adopted

Leaving a pet intact can result in an unplanned litter of puppies or kittens. With more animals being born, fewer homeless pets in shelters get adopted which results in more unnecessary euthanizations.

5. Reduce the Burden on Animal Shelters

Preventing unwanted litters means fewer animals wind up in animal shelters and more homeless pets find forever homes. As a result, local animal shelters are better able to serve our communities.

When to Spay or Neuter Dogs and Cats

Adult pets can be spayed or neutered at any time. To take full advantage of the benefits of spaying and neutering, it is generally recommended that pets be sterilized before reaching sexual maturity. Healthy puppies and kittens can be sterilized after about 8 weeks of age. However, puppies usually undergo the procedure between six and nine months.

Find Out If Spaying or Neutering Is Right for Your Pet

Although spaying and neutering are common procedures, they are still surgeries, and the decision to elect any surgery for a pet should be taken seriously. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, our veterinarians typically recommend spaying or neutering for all pets not intended for breeding because the benefits of surgical sterilization far outweigh the risks associated with these routine surgeries.
To learn more about spaying and neutering or to schedule a consultation for your dog or cat, we welcome you to contact our office in Winnipeg today.