Service Dogs and their Owners: Awareness, Etiquette, and Things to Know

Service Dogs and their Owners: Awareness, Etiquette, and Things to Know

September is National Service Dog Month. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, we like to honor the month by spreading awareness about service dogs to help more people understand what service dogs are and what the proper etiquette is when you encounter one while you’re out and about.

What Is a Service Dog?

A service dog is a dog that has been specially trained to work, perform tasks, or provide some other form of assistance to a person who has a disability. Service dogs enable their owners to have more independence and safety.
They are allowed to be in all public places with their owners, and no documentation of the animal’s training or certification is required for their presence.

6 Tips for Proper Service Dog Etiquette

1. Do Not Distract a Service Dog

Do not touch, approach, or speak to a service dog. Although it’s difficult to resist any set of puppy dog eyes, service dogs are working and have some very important jobs to do. Depending on the owner’s reason for needing a service dog, their service dog’s focus could mean the difference between life and death.

2. Keep Your Own Dog Away

Although service dogs are well trained, other animals can still present a big distraction. If you and your dog encounter a service dog, do your best to keep a good distance between them.

3. Do Not Offer Treats

Food is one of the biggest distractions for all dogs, and service dogs are no exception.

4. Treat the Owner With Respect

Remember that people who have service dogs have a reason for needing them. Remember this and always treat others with dignity and respect.

5. Let the Owner Know If Their Dog Approaches You

If the dog approaches you, this indicates a distracted dog. The owner should know so that they can correct the behavior.

6. Don't Assume a Sleeping Dog Is Off the Clock

A napping service dog is still working. All rules still apply.

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