Pet Spay And Neutering Services

Pet Spay And Neutering Services - Essential Care

Many veterinary clinics, veterinarians, and pro-animal organizations will agree, spay and neutering services are part of essential care for animals, particularly dogs, and cats. They help keep down animal populations, avoid “surprises,” and they also help avoid unnecessary euthanasia and elimination of strays that frequently are the by-product of unexpected animal pregnancies.

What’s The Difference?

Also known as surgical sterilization, spay and neutering are the clinical procedures in Winnipeg and elsewhere that modify a dog or cat so that the animal can no longer breed. The spay process is associated with the female animal, removing the fallopian tubes as well as the uterus from the patient animal. The neuter process applies to the male animal and involves the surgical removal of the testes. Both procedures effectively eliminate the ability of the animal to effectively breed again afterward.

Both A Health And Society Issue

As noted earlier, one of the big reasons spay and neutering services are promoted involves the thousands of litters that occur and end up as strays in various communities. Both cats and dogs will breed per their instincts and hormones left to their own devices. And the problem typically happens when a pet is allowed outdoors and can mingle with others of the same type. Some owners just accept the consequences and then try to distribute the puppies and kittens to new owners, but in many cases the litters are abandoned along with the mother dog to avoid the hassle. That turns into a costly problem with strays that get into problems, carry disease, and drive up municipal costs for the city and local animal control to capture and euthanize the animals. However, this chronic problem in communities across the country is entirely avoidable and preventable.

Are There Risks Involved?

A pet scheduled for a spay or neuter procedure will undergo a full examination first to confirm there are no underlying conditions or risks to worry about. The procedure itself will involve putting the animal under with anesthesia and then follow-up medication afterward for post-surgery care. Aside from the head cone, your pet might have to wear to avoid irritating the stitches there should not be much risk.

Your Local Help in Winnipeg

If you’re looking for reliable spay and neuter veterinarian services in Winnipeg, MB, Sage Creek Animal Hospital is ready to help. We fully support a safe, effective program for animal population control and health. Our team has performed hundreds of spay and neuter procedures annually without issue. Call (204) 255-1150 to schedule an appointment and we can walk you through the entire procedure for your pet.