Emergency Veterinary Services

Emergency Veterinary Services

If you’ve ever had a pet bleeding profusely or choking, then you know how critical emergency veterinary services are for the health of your pet. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, we provide exceptional urgent pet care to save your pet’s life. We are a reputable and passionate pet clinic serving St. Vital, Sage Creek, and the surrounding areas.

What Is A Veterinary Care Emergency?

When your cat or dog gets sick at midnight, you may freak out and be uncertain whether it is an emergency or not. Contact our emergency veterinarians who have handled diverse pet emergencies. That is why our team at Sage Creek Animal Hospital is here to support you. Call us right away for our veterinarians to help with your emergency.

1. Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is one of the common pet emergencies that we have treated over the years. These cases are more frequent during the holidays, where pet owners treat their dogs to fatty foods. Their pancreas gets severe inflammation causing the dog to experience symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, and abdominal pain.

2. Poisoning

When your pet ingests a toxic substance, it can cause severe consequences if not attended to immediately. If your pet gets poisoned, you can perform first aid as you seek veterinary care.

3. Acute Trauma

Like people, pets are vulnerable to accidents, for example, car accidents and animal attacks. When your pet sustains an injury in incidents like these, take it to a safe place. Then stabilize the animal as you transport it to our emergency vet.
Other pet emergency cases that require immediate treatment include choking, bloating, seizures, cancer emergency, and kidney failure. We focus on serving residents in St. Vital, Sage Creek, and the surrounding areas. Store our phone number in your phone so that you are prepared when an emergency occurs.

Get Urgent Pet Care At Sage Creek Animal Hospital

Do you have a pet emergency? Visit Sage Creek Animal Hospital for immediate pet care or call us today at (204) 255-1150. We can help you save your pet’s life!