Does My Pet Need to See a Veterinary Cardiologist?


Does My Pet Need to See a Veterinary Cardiologist?

Your pet holds a big place in your heart, and that’s why we always want to ensure your pet’s heart is healthy. For some pets, seeing a veterinary cardiologist might be necessary in order to ensure they receive the best possible care to keep their cardiovascular system strong and healthy.

What Is a Veterinary Cardiologist?

A veterinary cardiologist is a veterinarian who has undergone additional education and training while passing rigorous tests to become board-certified in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions related to the cardiovascular systems (heart and blood vessels) of companion animals.

When Your Pet Might Need to See a Cardiologist

Not every pet requires the care of a cardiologist, and certain heart-related conditions can be adequately diagnosed and treated by a general veterinarian. However, there are certain cardiological conditions that can be better evaluated and treated by a cardiovascular veterinary specialist and the specialized diagnostic equipment they use in their practices.
Your pet might need to see a cardiologist if:
In addition to these, there are countless more heart-health-related reasons why a veterinarian might refer your pet to a veterinary cardiologist.

Sophisticated Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Advanced Treatment Techniques

In addition to seeing a specialist with additional and ongoing training and education in the field of veterinary cardiology, veterinary cardiologists also have their offices equipped with heart-specific diagnostic equipment. This gives them the ability to perform and interpret electrocardiography (ECG), ultrasounds of the heart, and even take highly detailed chest x-rays.

Pet Heart Health at Sage Creek Animal Hospital

At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, our veterinarians take the health and well-being of our patients very seriously. We work closely with each of our patients and clients to determine the best course of treatment available. If we feel that a board-certified veterinary cardiologist could better treat your pet’s condition, we will provide you with a recommendation and continue to work closely with your pet’s new cardiologist.
To learn more about veterinary cardiology, how to keep your pet’s heart healthy, or to schedule an appointment for your pet, we welcome you to contact our animal hospital in Winnipeg today.