5 DIY Cat Toys Your Pet Will Love

5 DIY Cat Toys Your Pet Will Love

Shopping for your pet is fun, but crafting for them can be a blast, too! As any cat lover knows, our feline friends play with some of the oddest items: hair elastics, plastic wrappers, and discarded boxes. When you make toys for your cats with items you have around the house, your cats will not only love them, but you’ll also end up saving a lot of money at the pet store.

5 Fun and Easy DIY Cat Toys


1. Wine Corks and Feathers

Pick up a few feathers at the craft store and a hot glue gun to create fun toys for your cats with upcycled corks. Add a dab of glue to the ends of a few feathers and stick them into an end of the cork. Let the glue dry and watch your cat let loose.

2. Fun With Toilet Paper Rolls

Stick straws through them, glue feathers to them, add pom-poms, or fill them with treats and fold over the ends. Your cats will spend hours batting these cardboard toys all over the house.

3. Cardboard Cat Castle

Your cat loves one box, so naturally, they’ll love more than one box. Cut windows and strategically place holes to create passages through a whole stack of boxes for a fun cardboard kitty castle. For extra excitement, add dangling cat teasers, hidden catnip surprises, and a cozy corner for napping.

4. Cat Teasers

You can make cat teasers at home with yarn or string, beads, bells, feathers or streamers, and a stick. Just make sure all your baubles are fastened securely to the string to prevent your cat from accidentally ingesting a foreign object.

5. Whack-a-Mole

To create a whack-a-mole game for your cat, cut holes in the top of a box and then choose an item to be your “mole” that will pop up through the holes for your cat to whack. A felt mouse or another softly stuffed item will work well.

Always Remember Pet Safety First

When you craft toys for your cat, it can be rewarding and fun to watch your cat have a ball. Just be sure that your toys are safe. In addition to avoiding supplies that could be toxic for your cat, don’t use small parts that could easily break loose and be swallowed during play.
To learn more about choosing (and making) safe toys for your cat, we welcome you to talk with one of our veterinarians at your pet’s next appointment at Sage Creek Animal Hospital.