Critical Care

Critical Care

Pets are great but they can become ill or injured easily. When your pet is injured or sick it is essential to make sure you are finding the proper care for them. For those in the Winnipeg, Sage Creek, or St. Vital areas, Sage Creek Animal Hospital offers reliable emergency care when your pet needs it most.

What Is Critical Care?

Critical care is generally defined as any care that falls outside of the scope of normal veterinary care. This could mean things like emergency care, emergency surgery, poison control, and more. This could also refer to things like after-hours visits. Though you will not need critical care veterinary services often, it is important to know where you can get reliable critical care when the situation arises.

When Does Your Pet Need Critical Care?

Critical care is necessary for emergencies. Most emergencies will be obvious, such as traumatic injury and severe illness. If you are unsure if you need critical care, pay attention to your pet’s behavior. If you notice any sudden changes in behavior or eating habits, it may be an indication that your pet is in pain. In these situations, seeking emergency critical care services is better than waiting for a scheduled appointment.

Pet Critical Care in Winnipeg

Serving St. Vital, Winnipeg, Sage Creek, and surrounding areas, our veterinarian and the rest of our staff at Sage Creek Animal Hospital have years of experience offering reliable emergency pet care. If you would like more information about our pet critical care services or are wondering if your pet needs emergency care, call us at (204) 255-1150.