Celebrating National Cat Day With Your Favorite Feline

Celebrating National Cat Day With Your Favorite Feline

August 8th is National Cat Day in Canada and around the world. This special day of the year is set aside simply for the sake of celebrating cats and humanity’s special, unique relationship with the species.

5 Fun Ideas for Celebrating National Cat Day


1. Visit the Cats at Your Local Shelter

If you don’t have a cat of your own to celebrate National Cat Day with, then we recommend visiting or volunteering at a local animal shelter and asking to spend some time in the feline wing. Shelters appreciate visitors who can play with the cats to relieve their stress and also help them socialize.

2. Adopt a Cat or Kitten

If you’re already at the shelter and you have space in your home and heart, then why not save a cat’s life by adopting?

3. Spend Quality Time With Your Cat

If your cat is a bit of a couch potato and snuggler (lucky you!), then be sure to celebrate them by spending some extra time curled up on the sofa or in bed, listening to music or watching your favourite show together.

4. Go Wild With Catnip

Catnip can really bring out your cat’s wild side for a fun session of playing. Plus, it comes in a variety of forms and can even be found in stuffed or scented cat toys.

5. Play With New Toys

Play is one of the best ways to help your cat burn off energy, get some healthy exercise, and activate their hunting instincts. Celebrate National Cat Day by adding some new sources of enrichment to your cat’s environment and daily activities – new toys! Try out bells, crinkling balls, cat teasers, and motorized toys to see what really engages your cat and taps into their natural hunting instincts.

Keep Your Cat Healthy! Schedule a Checkup With Our Winnipeg Veterinarians

One of the best ways to celebrate national cat day is to make sure your cat has everything they need to be healthy and happy – and that means keeping up with your cat’s regular wellness and preventative veterinary care. During a wellness exam, our veterinarians will examine your cat, perform routine health screenings, provide your cat with preventative treatments such as vaccines and parasite preventatives, and talk with you about any concerns or changes you might have noticed.
To learn more or schedule your cat’s next appointment, we welcome you to contact Sage Creek Animal Hospital today.