The Very Best Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, however, we think that every month of the year should celebrate adopting older animals because there are so many good reasons to adopt a senior pet that we could only fit the very best in this blog post.

The 6 Best Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet


1. Be a Hero

Senior pets are often in shelters because they’ve been separated from their previous family due to a move, an illness, a death, or another unforeseen event. They remember what it’s like to have a comfortable home and loving family, and they’ll be sure to love you when you welcome them into yours.

2. No Health Surprises

When you adopt a puppy or a kitten, you’re adopting a big mystery. Health issues can arise as a young pet develops. With older pets, however, you pretty much know what you’re signing up for, in terms of veterinary care needs, when you adopt.

3. Already Trained

Older dogs and cats are also usually already trained. They know their manners, how to walk on a leash, how to use the litter box, and how to ask to be let outside for a potty break.

4. Older Pets Can Still Learn New Tricks

Although they’ve surely already learned a few, senior pets can still have fun learning new tricks in training.

5. Calmer, More Cuddly Energy

Puppies and kittens come with scads of endless, playful energy. When you adopt a senior pet, you’ll still get to enjoy plenty of playtime but in more manageable doses.

6. Easier on Your Home and Loafers

Since older pets have a bit less energy than their younger, thousand-kilometer-an-hour counterparts, they are also less destructive when it comes to your home, furniture, and favorite things. You’re much less likely to come home from work and find your senior dog chewing your brand-new leather boots than you are a puppy.

Specialized Senior Pet Care at Sage Creek Animal Hospital

Just like a person’s needs change as we grow and age, our pets’ needs change, too. At Sage Creek Animal Hospital, our veterinarians are experts at providing highly personalized care to senior pets, making adjustments to our recommendations and treatments, as their needs change with age. This kind of high-level veterinary care makes it possible for our pets to stay healthy and happy long into their golden years.
To learn more or schedule an appointment for your senior pet, we welcome you to contact our veterinary hospital in Winnipeg today.