6 Ways Windy Weather Can Affect Your Pet


6 Ways Windy Weather Can Affect Your Pet

When it snows or rains or gets hot outside, you might think to bring your pet inside, out of the weather, and into the safety of your home. But have you ever wondered how windy weather might affect your pet?

6 Ways Wind Can Affect Your Pet


1. Flying Dust and Debris

Pets are low to the ground, so they are more susceptible to getting dust and other debris blown into their eyes, noses, and ears. This can lead to scratches or other cuts and even infections.

2. Worse Allergies

If your pet suffers from environmental allergies to pollen, dust, or mould, when the wind picks up these allergens and carries them around the air or into your home, then your pet’s allergy symptoms can worsen.

3. Hypothermia

You can’t live in Winnipeg and not be familiar with the concept of wind chill, but it is smart to remember that wind chill can also affect your pets, despite their fur coats. When it is windy outside, remember that the wind carries heat away from the body, making you chill more quickly than if the air were still. Before going outside with your pets or letting them romp around your backyard unattended in cold weather, always be sure to check the wind chill.

4. Dangers in the BackYard

Windy weather can also present the danger of your pet becoming injured by an object that is blowing around (like lawn furniture or an umbrella) or a falling branch that blows down out of a tree. Your pets will be safer indoors when the wind picks up.

5. Unusual Smells

Wind also carries different scents into your pet’s territory. For some pets, this could lead them to wander in search of the source. For other pets, these unusual smells could cause stress. Keep an eye on your pet’s behaviour and make sure they are on a leash or securely enclosed in a fence when outside.

6. Stressful Noises

Howling wind, falling pinecones, and creaking trees can frighten pets – especially pets that fear thunderstorms. Make sure your pet is safe and secure should they become frightened.

Keep Your Pet Safe From Windy Weather

When the weather is windy, we recommend bringing your pets inside to keep them safe from the dangers associated with bad weather conditions. To schedule an appointment or learn more about protecting your pet from the outdoor elements, we welcome you to contact Sage Creek Animal Hospital today.