Sabrina Roscher

Animal Health Care Assistant

Sabrina immigrated to Canada from Germany in 2007. Now having every door open to her for her future career she could do what she always wanted. Sabrina always knew she had to do something with her life where she would be helping others. She became interested in the psychology field and attained a Child and Youth Care Diploma in 2015. When her Icelandic Sheep Dog July got very sick she learned a lot about the illness, medications and how to take care of her dog. This ultimately lead to an interest in the veterinary field. So she enrolled in the Veterinary Office Assistant course at Robertson College and followed by a practicum she graduated in 2016. Sabrina was happy to start working at Sage Creek Animal Hospital in the fall following her graduation. In her position, she gets to work with people as well as with their pets, which combines both of her interests. Sabrina lives with her family and two degus called Sam and Dean. Next year in the summer she will add an Icelandic Sheep Dog puppy to the family. In the future Sabrina hopes to go back to school and become a Veterinary Technologist as well as learn more about animal psychology.